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Monday, April 10, 2006

Las Vegas: Dean Cain is back

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Who knew that a fierce game of paintball is all it takes to get your employees to work together? Well, the game didn’t exactly work out the way Montecito-owner Casey Manning envisioned, but no matter. We, the viewers, were treated to one of the funniest episodes of Las Vegas in the series’ history. Admit it, we've all wanted to fire a paintball at a co-worker from time to time.

Las Vegas, my self-confessed guilty pleasure, has been hit and miss this season. It’s no shock that the episodes starring super-hottie Dean Cain have been my favorites. He brings a whole new energy to the show, so let’s hope he doesn’t blow off the roof anytime soon like the last owner. (R.I.P. Monica.)

That said, could someone explain to me why Sam is so angry with her ex? The guy’s only sin was to love her, as far as I can tell. The show honchos haven’t explained what really went down between those two, except that neither of them wanted to file for divorce. So, they remained married for seven years, despite living apart. I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked that we don’t know the full back-story here. Las Vegas is notorious for introducing a story detail, only never to discuss it again. (Hello, Sam and the silver?) Vanessa Marcil and Dean Cain are electric together, so maybe this storyline won’t go the way of Nessa and her father.

I’m enjoying the Danny/Delinda scenes, too. (Sorry, Mary fans.) The addition of Shawn Christian as Delinda’s college sweetheart was great casting. (You’ll recognize Christian from Summerland and As The World Turns.) Will Delinda keep Danny as her joy toy or will she gamble on love with her ex? My money is on Danny winning that hand.

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theTVaddict said...

Dean Cain Rocks.
Long Live Lois and Clark!
(so much more entertaining then smallville!)

tube talk girl said...

Ouch TV Addict, you wound me! :) "Lois & Clark" was AMAZING, but I've got a love on for "Smallville" that knows no bounds. As for Cain, well, I'd pretty much watch him read the phonebook.

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