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Monday, April 03, 2006

The O.C.: Julie Cooper-Nichol Roberts?

Is it wrong that I don’t want Julie to marry Dr. Roberts for the solitary reason that I will no longer be able to say “Julie Cooper-Nichol?” Adding “Roberts” to that name kills the cool cadence, and the writer in me cringes at the thought. Yeah, I’m disturbed. I know.

I admit I gave up on The O.C. last year. I got tired of the fact that every episode centered on Marissa, when there were so many other worthy characters: Taylor, Ryan, Julie, etc. I’ve never understood Ryan’s, or anyone’s, fascination with Marissa. She’s a self-involved brat. But now that she and Ryan are over, The O.C. is rocking again.

Ryan was smiling. Seth was hanging with his mom. And Summer was adjusting to the idea of a new stepmonster. And in a twist no one expected, Ryan gave up punching his enemy, in favor of just talking to him.

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Anonymous said...

i agree, the 4th season was awesome... too bad its all over

tube talk girl said...

You can still catch it on Soapnet

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