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Friday, July 17, 2009

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Legend of the Seeker review

by Ashley Gouveia

This week I had to let every Tube Talk reader know about a show that I’m currently obsessed with. It has already finished airing its first season but I am just now getting into it. It’s called Legend of the Seeker, and it’s awesome!

The very cute Craig Horner, who looks like a younger version of Nathan Fillion, plays Richard Cypher. He discovers that he is the Seeker, the man destined to kill the evil Darken Rahl and save the world. No pressure, right?

On his journey he is accompanied by a wizard named Zed and a woman named Kahlan. She is what they call a Confessor; she knows when people are lying and has the ability to make any person do what she wants. That’s certainly a nifty power, but not so great if you’re in love with the Seeker.

The love story between Richard and Kahlan is what makes the show for me. Craig Horner and Bridget Regan have off-the-charts chemistry that could be compared to the likes of Buffy and Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That’s something you can’t fake, and they have it. The whole “star-crossed lovers” thing is definitely present in their relationship. As a viewer you just get wrapped up in their story and just want to see if they’ll ever end up together.
The series is made by the same man who created the Hercules and Xena shows. I was also a big fan of those two series, so I was excited to watch this one. If you’re also a fan of those two throughout Legend of the Seeker you will see some familiar faces from both shows, which is really cool.

Seriously, if you haven’t watched this show yet you must. You can watch the entire first season on Hulu or check your local listings. I am halfway through the season and I can’t wait to see the rest.

Are you crazy about this show? Let me know in the comments.

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Palidore said...

Yeah, I'm completely an addicted fan too. Discovered the show on Hulu about a month ago, and watched every episode in just two days, haha. I've watched every episode three times now from the beginning at this point, having introduced it to a couple family members and re-watching the first season with them individually.

Loved the TV series so much that I ended up buying the 11 books from the Sword of Truth series, and am already on the fifth book now. They're fantastic as well, and I'm not one who has ever enjoyed reading. Matter of fact, before I started the SoT books, I don't believe I've ever even read 11 books is my life! But that'll change soon :) .

Looking forward to a great second season, and hopefully many more to come.

Nickname unavailable said...

I found this by accident one night and since I have read the series of book, knew it had great potential. I love this show and will watch for more! It definitely ended too soon.

Kal said...

The show's first season was interesting, at times exciting but not always fun.

Here is my take on it with a little humor and lots o' pics if you are interested.


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