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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who will die this season on Smallville?

by Jennifer Squires Biller

It’s not a complete season of Smallville until someone bites it.

Sometimes, the presumed-dead individuals stay six-feet under. (Oh, how I miss you Pa Kent.) Other times, the “dead” end up sipping lattes at the Talon. (Lana, Lex and Chloe, I’m talking to you.)

If you read spoilers, then you’ve heard the news for this season’s finale. If you don’t like spoilers, stop reading now. Supposedly, there are two deaths coming, one a veteran and the other a newcomer. Both deaths will be permanent, according to the show runners.

So, place your bets. Who do you think will take the dirt nap this season? After discussions with my Smallville pals, my money is on Tess as the newcomer. She’s not necessary to any one storyline or the Superman mythos, so I think she’s disposable.

As for the vet, my friend Mary Kay suggested Martha Kent may be the one to go, and I fear Mary Kay may be right. It makes the most sense, by a process of elimination. We know that Lana becomes a superhero herself, according to a recent episode. So, it can’t be her. And what other vet is left to kill, other than Chloe?

I don’t think the show honchos will kill Chloe. They’ve done it before, a couple times, and fans lost their minds, only to have Chloe resurrected. Chloe is the most popular character on the show, next to Clark Kent. I can’t imagine that Smallville would show her the door, unless it was the final season and final episode.

The only other vets who remain alive are both off canvas: Pete Ross and Martha Kent. Perhaps it will be Pete who goes to the great beyond, but if the show is looking for another emotional blow for young Clark, killing Martha is the way to go. But I’m going on the record to say that I’ll dread watching that episode, if it ever transpires.

Who do you think will end up with a toe tag? Discuss in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

If the show "Smallville" is following the basic premise of the Doomsday story from the "Superman" comic book, then my money is on a season cliff hanger in which Clark dies, only to be reborn next season.

JaxMagnano said...

I am hoping that it will be "Lois Lane" and that Chloe uses her (Lois) as a pen name to hide her identity because of her involvement with Doomsday. It would be a shame if (this) Lois lives because Erica and Tom have NO chemistry.

Anonymous said...

I belive it would be Klark or Doomsday....

Martha can not be killed because thats make no sense.

Anonymous said...

i think but i dread to say this

"Chloe" because she isn't in the comics.

"Davis" because he would only become Doomsday forever!!!

I don't what you guys are talking with Lois Lane and Martha Kent 'cause the are huge characters in the comics.

Letice said...

[quote]It would be a shame if (this) Lois lives because Erica and Tom have NO chemistry[/quote]

with WHOM does Tom have chemistry? he's awful.. ¬¬

Letice said...

[quote]I don't what you guys are talking with Lois Lane and Martha Kent 'cause the are huge characters in the comics.[/quote]

and so was Jonathan.

Anonymous said...

my bet is Chloe and davis will die together, Chloe is not an orginal character from the comics. Clark, Lois and Jimmy are major characters that will last, i think if Chloe dies then jimmy will come back in the episodes. Davis will obviously die because he is a monster and wants to/everyone else wants him too. Chloe has also gone a little weird in the show too, even though she is one of my favourite characters, if not this season, she will leave next. Clark, Lois and Jimmy are the main 3 characters in superman.

Smvillefanatic8 said...

I was having the same thoughts as JaxMagnano for several seasons. It just seemed strange that Chloe used it as a pen name and i thought...hmm, maybe there is a reason behind it. Maybe Clark will hook up with Chloe afterall. I for one am not a fan of Clois, not taking anything away from Erica Durance's acting skills, i just dont like her and Tom together. After so many seasons of Clana, it just seemed like they were meant for each other. If there is no Clana, the only acceptable alternative is Chlark. After all, Chloe has been there for him from the beginning. HINT to the writers: We want Clark and Chloe is we cant have our Clark and Lana!!

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