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Friday, March 13, 2009

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Favorite musical moments on TV

by Ashley Gouveia

Has there ever been a time when you’re watching your favorite television show and then an amazing song starts playing during a crucial and pivotal scene and suddenly you are clamoring, trying to find out who sings it and how fast you can get it on your iPod? I have been there and done that so many times that I’ve lost count. Before the iPod was invented a big part of my CD collection had songs that had once been played behind some of my beloved and most memorable moments. These are my picks for my favorite “musical” moments on television.

Dawson’s Creek, Season one finale - “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain: How could anyone forget the moment when Joey finally decided that she was going to fess up about her feelings towards her best friend, Dawson? She climbed up the ladder to his room and saw Dawson lying in bed with Jen. It was the moment that had been building the entire season. Was Dawson going to go after Joey or stay with Jen? Edwin McCain’s song was perfect for this scene. I remember hearing it and immediately falling in love with it. To this day when I hear “I’ll Be” I still think of that episode.

Smallville, Season one, “Obscura” and “Crush” – “No Such Thing” by John Mayer and “Time after Time” by Eva Cassidy: I think one of the reasons why I fell in love with Smallville in the beginning of the series was because of all the fantastic music they featured in each episode. Yeah, whatever happened to that? These two episodes in season one were two of my favorites. The Cyndi Lauper classic covered by Eva Cassidy was the perfect backdrop for setting the scene as Lana stared at Clark standing in the rain waiting for her, while a heartbroken Chloe watched on. A wet Tom Welling was only the icing on the cake. The song made it even more amazing. And John Mayer’s hit still brings me back to when Clark asked Chloe to the Spring Formal. It completely captured the mood of two people taking the next step in their relationship.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season one, “Angel”- “I’ll Remember You” by Sophie Zelmani: Buffy and Angel’s long-awaited first kiss couldn’t have had a better song to accompany it. The Bronze always had some great music playing but this one topped my list. I loved that the whole song was played and the last shot we saw was Angel’s chest where Buffy’s cross burned him after they kissed. It was the beginning of a great love story.

Supernatural, Season one, “Carry on my Wayward Son” by Kansas: Okay, I was tempted to put every Supernatural “previously on” on this list but I narrowed it down to this one. Not only is this an amazing song but it completely fits Supernatural to a tee. The lyrics only rang truer coming after the episode when Sam was stabbed and killed. This song has really become a Supernatural anthem.

Those are my some of my picks for my favorite musical moments. There are so many that I can’t fit it into one column. Let me know some of your faves in the comments!

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tube talk girl said...

Ashley, what a fantastic column! You are so right about music setting the tone of a show. I remember back in the '90s, I'd have whole CDs of music I had downloaded that I'd heard on Dawson's Creek. That show had INCREDIBLE music before it went to DVD. Then, they changed all the songs. UGHHH!!!!!!! THe music made that show special, but that's a rant for another day.

You're number one pick is also mine. "I'll Be" will forever be associated with Joey and Dawson.

Here are some songs I can't hear without thinking of the scene on the show I was watching.

Just Breathe by Anna Nalick, Grey's Anatomy: The bomb scene where Kyle Chandler ends up in itty bitty pieces. That song was haunting.

With or Without You by U2- Friends: Ross dedicated it to Rachel and then it played during their first kiss, I think.

Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley - The West Wing: The scene where CJ's love interest Mark Harmon was gunned down while trying to stop a robbery at a convenience store while the President is at the Opera. Damn that Milky Way bar! Watch it on You Tube. It's a beautifully done scene.

Ice Cream by Sarah McLaughlin, Felicity: When Ben surprises Felicity with the movie. So sweet!

Drift Away by Dobie Gray, Dawson's Creek: Mitch Leery's swan song. He went down singing this song when he reached for that dropped ice cream cone. RIP Mitch.

Martha Flynn said...

I also had the With or Without You moment with U2. *Loved* it.

And this song has since been mis-used in television, but the first time I heard it during Six Feet Under's finale, Sia's Breathe Me had me on Itunes within seconds.

ashley said...

aww thank you Jen!
I'm so glad you liked the column.
I TOTALLY agree with you about the Dawson's Creek DVD music transition. UGH!! Some of my faves were replaced. Like, "Kiss the Rain" in season two!!

Love your choices! Hallelujah is actually on my list too but for the season one finale of The O.C. That song always makes me cry. I have so many other favorite moments that I'll have to share some other time:)

Anonymous said...

Kiss the rain! I loved that song on Dawson's.

tube talk girl said...

Martha, I'd never heard that song. i just downloaded it. It's great! Thanks for the tip. I never watched Six Feet Under.

tube talk girl said...

I didn't realize they had played Hallejulah on The O.C. That is a beautiful song.

Kim in NJ said...

Oh, Peter Gabriel's "I Grieve" during Jonathan Kent's funeral. So sad.

obxrulz said...

Here comes the Flood, Peter Gabriel on Alias when Sydney is in the bathtub grieving.

NC12 said...

Overkill by Men at Work during the Scrubs episode. I don't remember which season but I went straight to the Internet to download it. I can't hear it without thinking of Scrubs.

tube talk girl said...

Scrubs!!! I totally forgot about all the fantastic music on this show. I also have "Overkill" downloaded b/c of the show.

I also can't hear "Poison" by Bel Biv Devoe without thinking of Turk and Scrubs.

And how could I have forgotten The Fray's "How to Save a Life" when Dr. Cox has his meltdown?

Martha Flynn said...

Oh Poison!!!! Good one!!! That was one I already had but had been relegated to the dark recesses of my music library until that Scrubs episode.

ashley said...

Kim in NJ,

That is another beautiful song for such a heartbreaking moment in Smallville. Great choice!!

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