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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Smallville is back on track: Don’t miss the premiere

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by Jennifer Squires Biller

I got an early look at the Smallville premiere this week, and I’m so excited about what I watched that it warranted a blog post. (And a cartwheel, but I won’t subject you to video of that embarrassing effort.)

Smallville fans, if the rest of the season lives up to the fantastic premiere, then the show we love is back on track. It’s no secret that last season I was sorely disappointed with the direction Smallville had taken. There was too little Clark, too much Kara and Lana, and too many comic-book villains of the week. The sweet simplicity of the show seemed to have vanished along with Clark’s family, as he left the innocence of high school. Even the small-town charm that had defined the series and prompted the moniker seemed to have disappeared. If you gave up last season, and I can’t blame you if you did, I’m telling you – begging really – come back.

The premiere is injected with a new energy that I haven’t felt in Smallville since the early years. From the new opening credits (which by the way feature a shot of Clark in the glasses that will make all Superman fans sequel with delight) to the cast additions of Justin Hartley and Cassidy Freeman, the show feels different from the start. In fact, it all feels fresh again. It’s clear that the writers have a plan for the season, and they laid it out brilliantly in the first hour, with Clark basically verbalizing that he’s been stuck in limbo, attached to the farm and the past, and that it’s time to move on toward his destiny.

With the change in leadership behind the scenes and the absence of Michael Rosenbaum’s enigmatic Lex Luthor, I was a bit worried about this year. But after seeing the new direction the show is headed, I’m happier than Chloe Sullivan in a room full of super computers.

I won’t spoil you with plot details, other than Tom Welling, dripping wet, is a site that should not be missed. For all of you Chlark fans getting ready to bombard me with e-mail wanting to know if Chloe and Chlark have any “good” scenes, save your keystrokes. They do have a nice scene, but it looks like Chloe and Jimmy are still an item. Sorry. Don’t kill the messenger.

Lois fans, you’ll be thrilled to see your gal back in action, tossing out one-liners with gusto, while fighting the bad guys and looking fabulous doing it.

Catch the Smallville premiere Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.


mizbehavin said...

Thanks Jennifer for getting me excited about the show again. I wasn't thrilled with last year either. I'm glad to know you liked it. I usually agree with your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Clark Kent wet? I'm in.

Kim said...

I'm glad you told us about Chloe. At least she's still a part of the show. I was worried with Lana and Lex gone that she would be next. She's my favorite character on there.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping Jimmy followed Lana out of town.

obxrulz said...

I'm really going to miss Lex. He was so good being bad. But Oliver will go a long way to make up for it.

brainiac said...

I'm insanely jealous that you've already seen it. My DVR is set!

TiVo Queen said...

You had me at cartwheel!

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