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Friday, September 05, 2008

Commentary with a Co-Ed: One Tree Hill's Lucas makes his choice

by Ashley Gouveia

Monday night we all got the answer to who Lucas called on the season finale of One Tree Hill. It was Peyton, no shocker there. Everyone who guessed right last week can congratulate themselves, as I give myself a pat on the back. Was anyone surprised by that reveal? I was expecting it.

The episode starts off with Lucas daydreaming about a one-year anniversary with each of the three girls. It seemed to me that the dreams were used to show the audience what kind of choice each of the girls would be if Lucas married them. Brooke would be the hard choice, with their careers keeping them away from each other most of the time. Lindsay would be the easiest and most assumed choice. Peyton would be the “dream” choice. Everything that they ever wished for would be granted if they were together. It would be close to the perfect life. Did he make the right decision?

While Peyton and Lucas fly off to Vegas to get married, Brooke is fending off the “Botox vampiress,” a.k.a. Victoria, from taking her company away. We haven’t seen Mommy Dearest in a while so it was good to see she is still as evil as ever. I love how Brooke is standing up for herself and fighting for what is hers. It’s a big change from the beginning of season five.

Then we got some really cute Nathan, Haley and Jamie scenes. I love them! Any time that we get these three in a scene with a mention of furry Chester is made of win for me. Nathan is slowly getting back to his former basketball glory and Haley is singing again. Although I’m worried that Nathan’s back injury may further delay the process. Also, Nathan is becoming the funniest character on the show. His one-liners with Deb, Quentin and Skillz delivered some of the funniest moments in the episode.

Jamie and Q’s growing friendship has really made Q an enjoyable character to watch. If you remember, I couldn’t stand him. But it seems like little Jamie brings out the best in him. He even taught Jamie those dance moves that were adorable.

Mouth and Millie left Tree Hill together so Mouth can start a new job in Omaha. I’m not going to lie, I did tear up when he said goodbye to Brooke and Skillz. Hey, that was a rough moment.

Now let’s get to the disturbing parts of the episode. Dan survived only to wake up with Psycho Nanny Carrie as his nurse. That’s right, she’s back! Don’t ask me why but she has returned. After the first torture scene I was hoping that would have been the end of it. But we were given much more after that. She tied him to a hospital bed and continued to burn him and stick him with needles. She’s slowly planning to make her move to get Jamie and she wants Dan to help her. Is it wrong to root for Dan in this situation? I really can’t stand Nanny Carrie.

In the last five minutes of the episode, we see Brooke closing up her store when someone comes in and starts beating her up. I didn’t see that coming. That was more disturbing for me than the Carrie scenes, even though it was only a minute long. Poor Brooke.

As far as season premieres go I enjoyed this one. I can’t say that it was my favorite because I’d be lying. But there were some moments that were really enjoyable and some that were difficult to watch. I’m looking at you Carrie.

So who do you think broke into Brooke’s store? Did Victoria hire someone? That would make her rival Dan as being the worst parent ever. Or could it be Psycho Derek back for revenge? Weigh in with your predictions and thoughts on the season six premiere.

Favorite Moments:

“Is this some kind of grandmother midlife crisis?” –Nathan to Deb.

“Put some clothes on Jamie’s home. If he sees you topless he’s going to be scarred for life. I know I am.” –Nathan to Deb.

Q teaches Jamie some cool moves.

Haley and Jamie dance in the living room.

“Are you leaving me Marvin McFadden?” –Brooke.

“You turned my son into a goof, Q.” –Nathan.

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