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Friday, October 10, 2008

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Maxima lands in Smallville

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by Ashley Gouveia

I’m disappointed that last night’s new episode of Smallville happens to be the first time I’m writing about it since the start of season eight. I actually enjoyed the first two episodes, and last week’s had tons of Justin Hartley goodness. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed with last night’s episode. Not even the premise of bringing the comic-book-character Maxima could hold my attention.

The new baddie in town, Tess Mercer, had been looking for Lex and only has Clark’s fortress crystal to help in her search. She believed that it held the answers she was looking for. When she tried to get that information she sent a beacon into space that alerted Maxima, who was on a little search of her own. She was looking for her soul mate.

She needs to get in line.

However, her perfect mate is Kryptonian. How she could ever mistake Jimmy as a Kryptonian is beyond me. Of course, Jimmy was willing and able to get in a lip lock with her. It took him a long time to pull away before he remembered Chloe. Then the pheromones took over. Oh, brother. Next time Jimmy, I suggest you don’t take the bartender’s advice.

The reason that Jimmy was at the bar wallowing in his sorrows was because he found a letter that Chloe wrote to Clark. Long time fans will remember this letter back from season two when Chloe read it to Clark while he was sick. If I were Jimmy, I would have asked Chloe why she held on to it for all these years. But he only asked her why she has never said those things to him.

Maxima finally realized that Clark was the one she was looking for. Then, in a matter of minutes, put it together that Lois and Clark have a special bond. Huh? Really. I’m going to steal a line from Dean Winchester and say; “I’m not buyin’ what you’re selling.”

After the Clark and Maxima makeout scene, he snapped out of it and took her away before she clobbered Lois. He told her that his destiny was here on Earth and sent little Miss Vixen back to whence she came.

There was one scene that I actually enjoyed and that was one with Tess and Chloe. Cassidy Freeman has been a great addition to the cast. I am loving her character so far. It was awesome to hear Chloe being all tough with Tess and not taking to her threats. Like she said, she has dealt with the Luthors before and she doesn’t scare easily.

The Clark and Chloe scene, when she explained away the letter, was made of epic fail for me. Why bring up a letter from seasons ago that has been cherished by so many fans and deal with it in that way? As a long-time viewer and a Clark and Chloe fan, I have to say I was disappointed. Maybe Chloe’s Brainiac infection is leading her to say all these odd things. Or maybe that’s just my own reasoning, so I can continue to watch the show.

What do you all think about season eight so far? Is it living up to your expectations? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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obxrulz said...

I was hoping the note discovery would change the course for Chloe and Clark. UGHHHH!!!!! It's clear that's not what's in the cards.

ashley said...

obxrulz, I know what you mean. I had hoped that would be the case. The dreamer in me still has hope but I'm not holding my breath.

tube talk girl said...

I was so looking forward to the scene when Clark would finally read that note, for years, and what a HUGE disappointment it was.

And Clark's comment that Chloe felt like that right in front of him and he didn't know was preposterous...hello? He did know and rejected her, if I recall. It was in the episode where she drank the crazy punch and donned a cheerleader uniform.

I'm with you Ashley. Disappointed. But maybe it will all come down to Braniac taking over Chloe's body and making her make crazy decisions. There is no other explanation as to why she'd give up on the man of her dreams and marry Jimmy Olsen.

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