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Monday, June 19, 2006

Calling all couch potatoes: Tater Top Awards

by Jennifer Squires Biller

E!Online is having its annual Tater Top Awards and you still have time to vote for the season’s best TV moments/scenes/actors. This is one poll that the actors, networks and TV execs appreciate and enjoy, so get voting, Tubers. Now I would never be so bold as to tell you how to vote, but I will subtly suggest that you not forget that smoldering kiss between Smallville’s Clark and Chloe when voting for Best Kiss. (I’m sure Pam and Jim from NBC’s The Office are probably going to take that category, but Chlark fans, let’s make them work for it, OK?) I also have no shame in reminding you that Invasion was the Best New Show of the season, despite what ABC thinks, and it shouldn’t be forgotten when voting in the Best New Show category. The winners will be announced June 23. Have fun!


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