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Friday, April 11, 2008

Idol Chatter: Michael Johns’ shocking exit

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O’Neil

“No air” indeed, just a bitter cough.

Last night on the final night of Idol Gives Back, former Idol winner Jordin Sparks and pop sensation Chris Brown sang their hit “No Air.” And while it was an excellent performance, we are still struggling to breath.

Our problems have nothing to do with the couple’s outstanding performance. By now you have probably all heard that our boy, Michael Johns, was eliminated. If you hadn’t, well yes, he was sent home BEFORE Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado, and Jason Castro. Please bear with us folks as we swim through the thick pool of bitterness that has overcome us this Friday and try to write something decent for you to read and ponder.

Funny though, we feel like we’ve been here before. Oh wait, we have. We remember the same anguish and heartache we felt when we had to bid farewell to Chris Daughtry two years ago. While we knew with Michael, as we did with Chris, that they probably would not make it to the finale, we thought for sure that talent would prevail and they would make it to the top four. But no, Michael would succumb to the same fate that Chris did. Obviously, the people that are voting aren’t voting for the total package.

Was it the fact that he was older than the average voter? Was it the fact, that “Dream On” wasn’t his best song choice, or was it the fact that last year they chose not to send someone home the week of Idol Gives Back and his fans didn’t call in? We may never know. But shame on you Idol producers and Ryan Seacrest for not being honest last year. That may have been what contributed to Michael’s good-bye this season.

What we do know is that now David Cook’s days are probably numbered, as well, and that David Archuletta will probably win the whole thing. For some reason the long-standing-theme of American Idol is to try and crown someone who, though they are talented, they aren’t always what is in the mainstream Pop arena right now, i.e. Reubin, Fantasia, and Taylor Hicks. It seems like the pattern of Idol winners goes the way of someone who can sing life anthems and contemporary songs, which makes us in a way relieved that Michael was sent home. Now, he can go get a record contract and sell millions of CDs, just like Chris Daughtry did.

Next week it is anyone’s game, or is it?


tara said...

Even though the major eye candy is gone, he will for sure be better off than if he would have had to record one of the crappy idol cd's.
if he can muddle through the tour, i bet we will see MUCH more of Michael next fall.

I still have to wipe my tears though.

Anonymous said...

I can believe this, it is how AI always goes. The ones with the total package always get booted. David A will win it, but won't do very well.

trish said...

I was utterly flabbergasted when they said he was going home. I agree with everyone else, he is so much better off not being on the show now!

Michael WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Jillene said...

I was not a huge fan of Michael's bit agree that he should have been one of the top 5. I am not sure what some of the voters out there were thinking. I dont think I can take much more of Mr. Dreds and Kristi. Yes they have talent but they are not stars nor do they have the " whole package". I also do not like how Ryan was cruel and played with Michael at the end of the show by making Micheal think he might still be safe.

Anonymous said...

OR...Could Michael's exit be a result of his off-pitch screaming in nearly every performance since the Hollywood audition/round? I, too, thought, he'd be a favorite, but that opinion quickly changed when his singing was horrid week after week. Yeah, he's hot, but a great singer?...NOT.

tara said...

he was much better than a few of the others that are still around anonymous.

Bec said...

We didn't think he was by far one of the best performers, but he was better than at least 3 others that are still on the show.

He wasn't horrid week after week, I guess it is just a matter of opinion though.

Ben Snyman said...

Johns was the victim of the busy signal according to angry fans, but now Idol are the victim of viewers getting tired of these "surprises" and voting with their feet according to the ratings which were the worst in 5 years for the very next show.

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