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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dancing With The Stars competition is fierce

by Jennifer Squires Biller

The toughest challenge of this season’s Dancing With the Stars may be finding a favorite couple to root for.

Going in, I was siding toward Jennie Garth (loved her on 90210), Jane Seymour (loved her on Dr. Quinn) and Cameron Mathison (he’s pretty.) But after this week’s performances, I also fell in love with Sabrina Bryan (amazing dancer), Helio Castroneves (so sweet and nice) and Albert Reed (oh my Lord, the hip action.)

My favorite three performances were Sabrina and Mark, Helio and Julianne, and Albert and Anna. Yes, I know. Shocking. I didn’t know who any of them were before this show began, but it doesn’t matter. It’s about the dancing, people.

Sabrina’s cha-cha-cha shocked the judges and the audience. Judge Carrie Ann said no one in the history of the show had done a cha-cha-cha like that. Bruno agreed that it was incredible. Len marked her down for the adding in the hip-hop moves, but the couple still scored two nines and an eight in their first performance. Incredible.

Helio and Julianne did a delightful foxtrot that bewitched the audience. Usually, the foxtrot is my least favorite of the ballroom dances, but Julianne’s stunning choreography to the song Bewitched made me love it. I think she may be usurping Cheryl Burke’s title of best choreographer.

It was Albert and Anna’s cha-cha-cha that raised the temperatures in the ballroom. Channeling Elvis, chest exposed and hips gyrating, Albert made the crowd go wild as he and Anna danced to the King’s A Little Less Conversation.

This year’s contenders all seem somewhat skilled. In other words, I didn’t see a Master P or a Kenny Mayne.

Wayne Newton and Marie Osmond don’t have the skills the others do, but they’re still fun to watch. Newton should be the first to go, if voters are truly judging on skills. But, we all know that doesn’t always happen.

Pretty Boy Floyd has some fierce hip-hop moves that he expertly demonstrated, but his posture was horrible. He seemed hunched over during the whole performance, yet none of the judges took him to task for it.

In contrast, supermodel Josie Maran got nothing but harsh comments from the judges. Frankly, I thought she did a better job than Marie Osmond and Wayne Newton.

The competition is fierce this year. For the most part, they're all good. Garth and Seymour have both had dance training. Floyd and Bryan have natural dance abilities. And the rest of the field has charisma that often translates in to votes.

See who goes home tonight, when the results show airs at 8 p.m. on ABC with special musical guest Dolly Parton. As always, don’t try to watch it live or you may lose your patience and throw out your TV. This show loves its recaps as much as its live performances.


Becky said...

First I would like to comment about the couple of wardrobe malfunctions that with regret my 10 yr old son pointed out! Maybe they will use more tape or higher skirts next week?

I am total agreement with you TTG about Sabrina, Helio, and Albert. Since I wasn't able to watch all of the ladies, I can really only go by the recap and Sabrina did awesome, I thought Mel B did good too, but they both have prior dance skills. Being the mother of a 7 yr old, I have Cheetah Girls memorized and Sabrina has always been a good dancer. And if you could call the Spice Girls dancers Mel B does have some experience there.
For the females I am rooting for Jenny, she was beautiful and graceful.
Guys it is Helio (he and Julianne are so cute and she is by far one of the BEST dancers there) or Albert (though he may be a bit too pretty?).
Tonight Marie or Wayne SHOULD go, but we all know how this show works, so I am predicting that Josie or the billionaire (did you know he was going to buy the Pirates?) will probably go.

lets see what happens....

tube talk girl said...

I only saw one wardrobe malfunction, who did I miss? Dish, Bec! Your son must have a good eye for the ladies.

beth said...

I loved Helio, too! He was really sweet and adorable. I think Julianne is the best dancer. She always has such fun choreography with lots of tricks in it. Her dances are never boring.

heather said...

cam is hot...and really nice, too, i hope he wins

Jason said...

let's hope that america votes wayne off the island....wait, wrong show

ryan said...

I've never watched this show before, but hOLY ^%$#. The chicks are smoking hot and those costumes. DAMN! I'm in. Does anyone know if Julianne is single?

becky said...

Ryan, I have heard rumors about Julianne and Apollo (her partner from last season)being a couple, TTG any truth to these?

Edyta showed some thong and of course the crack shot from whats her name, I can never remember it.

All I know is my 10 yr old was very happy. He is in love with Edyta!

tube talk girl said...

Bec, Julianne did call off her engagement, but she says it was due to her crazy schedule. She and Apollo are insisting they are just friends.

OK, how did Chad and I miss a crack shot? Who was it? Details, please.

Miles said...

Checking my shame at the door...I'm a dude and am enjoying this show. Is that wrong?

tube talk girl said...

Bec, FYI...Alec and Edyta are married. I didn't now if you knew that. Wow...maybe I should become Gossip Girl instead of Tube Talk Girl.

Becky said...

Wait gossip girl is my title :)
Karina was the one who presented the males a "view" of her backside. Frankly I don't care for her. I knew it would be Josie and the billionare at the bottum.

I don't see what all the hype is about Wayne and Marie, come on people they stunk!

I remember watching something about Edyta's bachelorette party and seeing a pic of the two of them together, do you think they go home and dance all the time?

tube talk girl said...

I'm thinking they do other things. :) But, I'm sure there is dancing, too.

Bec, Cuban's buying my Pirates? What???? Explain please. What happened to Kevin McClatchy?

I'm off to Wikipedia to see what's the what with this. We usually sit a couple rows behind McClatchy at the Pirate games, just behind home plate, but he wasn't in his seat at the last game for firework night and the Styx concert. I thought it was strange. Who misses firework night? :)

Becky said...

Kevin McClatchy doesnt own the majority anymore, the hubby says he didnt want to be the "face" of the Pirates, the majority share went to the Nutting family? Cuban talked about buying them last year, he is actually from the Pittsburgh area i beleive.

Wait a minute, you guys have awesome tickets and have never invited us????? We are fans even in the lean years (seems to be more of those anymore)

Fireworks tonight, are you going?

tube talk girl said...

Bec, thanks for the update.

Nope, we didn't go tonight. WVU was playing South Florida and we also did the Festival thing in Preston County.

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