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Monday, August 20, 2007

Kristen Bell headed for Heroes

Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell has been cast in a “multi-episode arc” in the NBC show Heroes, TV Guide is reporting.

Bell will play Elle, a woman with ties to Peter, H.R.G. and Claire. Her first appearance is slated for October.

Bell recently reportedly turned down an offer from the ABC show Lost, due to scheduling conflicts. Heroes creator Tim Kring said that he was able to get Bell when she had a break in her schedule.

I’m happy that Bell will be back on my screen, regardless of how short her story arc may be. That said, I wish it were on a different show. My love for Heroes waned in the latter part of last season. The show seemed so scattered, with too many characters and story arcs.

Bell is my own personal TV hero, and, frankly, I’d watch her on anything.


Macy said...

Great. Now I have to watch Heroes again. I gave it up last year. I agree with you that it just lost its focus. There are too many things going on in that show. But, if Veronica is in, so am I.

patrick said...

i'm almost caught up on season three, man, this show is addictive!

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