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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Former Superman returns to television: Dean Cain to star in new CBS drama

Dean Cain, best known as the man-of-steel from the TV series Lois & Clark, has been cast in the upcoming CBS drama Protect and Serve, according to Reuters.

Cain will play a veteran police officer in suburban Los Angeles. The show also stars Steve Harris, Eric Balfour, Tamala Jones, Jessica Pare, Victoria Cartagena, and Monica Potter.

Cain fans have been up in arms since his Las Vegas character, billionaire Casey Manning, was killed by a giant squid. No, I’m not joking. It could perhaps go down in TV history as the strangest death on television, second only to Monica getting blown off the roof of the Montecito on Las Vegas.

Cain has been busy since his Lois & Clark days, and not just at maintaining those abs of steel. In addition to Las Vegas, he hosted Ripley’s Believe It or Not and starred in the quickly cancelled TV-drama Clubhouse.

Cain is also currently executive producing the film Ivy League, that chronicles the history of the eight Ivy League schools’ development of college football. As all Cain fans know, he played college football at Princeton before joining the Buffalo Bills. OK, so maybe it’s just me who’s a little too obsessed with the former Clark Kent. But, give me a break, people; he was Superman, after all.


Ava said...

Oh no, you are definitely not the only one obsessed with the former Clark Kent. I love Dean and I will always be one of his biggest fans. Thanks for the update on the new show. I didn't know about it.

tube talk girl said...

Ava, Dean is also starring in a TV movie this week that looks really great. Check back tomorrow for details.

Cynthia said...

I can't believe it....tell me more about what he is doing.I loved himn recently in Crossroads.He was so emotional and passionate in that role,now what's next.

tube talk girl said...

I'll have a Dean Cain news wrap up some time this week. Stay tuned.

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