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Friday, February 16, 2007

Tube News: House and Bones renewed, Felicity weds, Wonder Woman stops in Smallville, Scrubs’ Todd Time and CW stars interviews

FOX renews Bones and House for next season
Booth, “Bones”
and Dr. House will all be back next season. FOX picked up Bones for a third season and House for a fourth season. Bones hit a ratings-high recently, and House has consistently performed as one of FOX’s highest rated shows. This goes a long way in helping assuage my disappointment about The O.C. ending so soon.

Keri Russell weds
Felicity star Keri Russell tied the knot on Valentine’s Day in New York City, according to TV Guide. Russell wed beau Shane Deary at a restaurant in the city. The two are expecting a child. Congratulations to the couple!

Wonder Woman headed to Smallville
If you’re a spoiler freak, stop reading now. You’ve been warned! In Al Gough’s most recent Q&A at TV Guide, Gough talks about the character of Wonder Woman visiting Smallville. Then, he goes on to confirm that the real Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, will guest star as Chloe’s mother. Brilliant! I can’t think of anyone better to play our favorite reporter’s mother. Do you think she’ll bring the magic lasso?

The Todd Time on Scrubs
Those of you who watched Scrubs last night, couldn’t help but notice Todd’s t-shirt with the web address http://www.thetoddtime.com/. Turns out it’s actually a real Web site that had garnered more than 35,500 hits by 2 p.m. EST Friday. The site features, well, Todd, of course. If you’re idea of fun is a grown man in a leopard-print Speedo, posing like a body builder and grunting, then you should check it out. It’s Todd, people. What did you expect, Shakespeare recitations? The site also has links to the Scrubs podcasts and other fun Scrubs info. Warning: Todd’s grunting is really loud, so turn down your volume a little before visiting the site.

CW boys give interviews
The boys of The CW have been busy with press lately. If you’re a Smallville, One Tree Hill or Veronica Mars fan, check out these interviews:

E!Online talks to Smallville’s Sexy Lexy
One Tree Hill’s James Lafferty
Veronica Mars’ Ryan Hansen


Rachel said...

thanks for the 411 on sexy lexy and the Todd. Wow. does he stuff that speedo?

Anonymous said...

ohhh...lynda carter....i had a raging crush on her when i was a kid. she was smoking hot. maybe that's where chloe gets it from...

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