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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jason Dohring and Rob Thomas interview

How did you spend your Tuesday night? Me? Well, I was chatting with actor Jason Dohring, “Logan Echolls” of Veronica Mars, and series creator Rob Thomas. I know. Don’t hate me. I did it all for you, Tubers. Really. (Not buying it? Yeah, I wouldn’t either.) I was one of the lucky folks invited to a video press conference with the dynamic duo.

For more than an hour, they answered questions from bloggers. A special thanks to UPN for recognizing the online fans! You rock.

Here’s a quick preview for you, until I can get the interview transcribed. Rob discussed a new format for season three. Yes, I said season three. While nothing has been confirmed, he discussed the show having another season. He said that the writers are toying with the idea of introducing two or three mysteries, that run 7-8 shows each, instead of having one mystery dominate the season. That way, new viewers would be less apprehensive about jumping into the show midway. So, basically, it would mean shorter story arcs.

What do you think? It sounds good to me. I’ve loved all the mysteries so far, and if it attracts more viewers that can’t be a bad thing.

Rob is asking for your opinions on this new approach. So, e-mail me at jennifer@tube-talk.com or leave your thoughts in the comments section and I’ll pass them on to him.

Jason answered my question about the upcoming storyline with Wallace that Percy Daggs discussed during his previous interview with me. Warning: spoiler ahead. Logan and Wallace are apparently paired up in an egg drop contest that is quite hilarious, Jason said.

Stay tuned for more scoop from the press conference, including some spoilers from Jason and some info you never knew about season one.

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duckyxdale said...

jennifer, thanks for posting on mine! I put up the audio from my question about the CW standards and practices. Email me if you would like me to post yours.

tube talk girl said...

That would be great.I taped it on my trusty decade-old recorder. Yeah, I'm so technologically challenged! That was a great quesiton on the CW standards you asked, btw. I couldn't believe his answer, though. Wow, if CBS/UPN are the toughest, how did that "tossed salad" comment get through, not to mention "the shocker?" LOL

The Attractive Nuisance said...

I was surprised by the response to Ducky's question also, but I thought maybe other shows just aren't trying to push the envelope like VMars is? I know Arrested Development was fond of just saying the curse words and bleeping them out for comic effect.

Thanks for coming by my site!

theTVaddict said...

I'm going to pretend I'm not psychotically jealous about the opportunity you had :)

I look forward to reading the transcripts.

I also think condensed mysteries would be a great idea, and would definitely allow the show to be far more inviting then it is now.

thoughtsnsuch said...

Thanx much for all the updates, blogs, interviews, and basically staying totally on top of all this when many of us have jobs that prevent it. I think that the triple threat thread is an awesome idea. I came late to VM, after the start of season 2 (2-02), and took a while to figure out what the heck was going on, even though I came early in the season. Let RT know that he still is developing rabid fans, but I think that he'll get more with shorter arcs. Love the show! Love Jane! (hey, I think she's amazing!). Very Audrey Hepburn (cute and you just gotta luv her!).

Jamaica said...

recently became addicted to VM, and I've got to say, whatever Rob Thomas decides to go with at this point (of addiction) would be all right with me. Just hoping he'll bring Duncan back for a few more eps in season three just to stir things up and finally clear up the little "notion" that Logan is only a stand-in for Veronica's "first love" when he's (Duncan) not around. *smiley*

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